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Opened by lostsam - 30.05.2024
Last edited by cbay - 05.06.2024

FS#52 - Direct IP Access of the Domain on HTTP

Hello Team,
My Name Is Pawan Yadav, a cyber security researcher from India. While testing one of your domains, I have found a vulnerability in your site.

Here is the detailed report:

Vulnerability Description :-
Direct IP access refers to the ability to access a website or service directly via its IP address
rather than its domain name (e.g., instead of ). Direct IP
access can bypass certain security controls implemented at the domain level, potentially
exposing sensitive information or allowing unauthorized access to resources.

Attack Vector :-
An attacker can directly access the web application by using its IP address, bypassing domain-
based security controls such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), IP filtering, or access controls
based on the domain name.
Domain :- Direct IP Access :-
Reference :-


Denial of Service : Direct IP-address Access has its own set of issues. For starters, it increases
the chances to encounter a Distributed Denial of Service attack.
Data Interception: Attackers can intercept and read sensitive information transmitted between
the server and clients, such as login credentials, personal information, and payment details.
Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: This vulnerability enables attackers to intercept and potentially alter
the communication between the server and client, leading to unauthorized data modification or
injection of malicious content.
Loss of User Trust: A lack of HTTPS can undermine the trust and credibility of the website among
its users, potentially leading to decreased user engagement and conversions.

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05.06.2024 21:25
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cbay commented on 30.05.2024 07:20


As far as I know, accessing our website through its IP address doesn't pose any security risk. If you think it does, you have to show a precise proof of concept.

Kind regards,


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