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Opened by bugtest09 - 30.03.2024
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FS#45 - Bug Title: Missing access control at password change.

Hello Web Security
Severity: Medium

Description :
A security researcher discovered that after resetting a password, the user was automatically logged in. As such, compromising a legitimate password reset link (via referrer token leakage or a similar issue) could lead to compromising the account since the user would not be forced to log in after resetting their password.

Proof Of Concept:
1.Go to this website:(
2.Send the password reset link to your email.
3.Go to your email and open the link.
4.Set a new password.
5.Boom.Automatically logged in.

OWASP forgot password recommendations( suggest a better approach, which we have now implemented.


Reference :

Closed by  cbay
09.04.2024 13:28
Reason for closing:  Invalid
cbay commented on 03.04.2024 07:11


According to your OWASP link:

Don't automatically log the user in, as this introduces additional complexity to the authentication and session handling code, and increases the likelihood of introducing vulnerabilities.

As you can see, automatically logging the user in is *not* a vulnerability per se. Doing it only increases the attack surface.

Since your report isn't about an *actual* vulnerability, it's invalid.

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