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Opened by miniohaxer - 25.03.2024
Last edited by hdegorce - 27.03.2024

FS#41 - Directory Listing of Unauthorized Xapian Files

Vulnerable URL's:


The vulnerability was discovered during security testing when the directory listing feature of a web server listed the file among its contents. Given that is a shared object file for Xapian, a highly versatile search engine library, its exposure poses significant security risks. This file contains compiled code that is executed within the server context, making it a critical component of the search functionality offered by the hosting server.


The inadvertent exposure of could have several potential impacts:

Information Disclosure: Malicious actors could download and analyze the shared object file to uncover proprietary algorithms or specific implementations of the search engine, leading to a competitive disadvantage or privacy violations.
Security Vulnerability Exploitation: If any vulnerabilities exist within the specific version of the file, attackers could develop exploits to compromise the server or manipulate search engine results.
Service Disruption: In scenarios where the file is not merely exposed but also manipulable or deletable, attackers could disrupt the search functionality, leading to denial of service.


Immediate steps should be taken to mitigate the vulnerability:

Disable Directory Listing: Configure the web server to disable directory listing globally or specifically within directories not intended for public access.
Access Controls: Implement proper access controls to ensure that sensitive files, such as, are not accessible via the web server to unauthorized users.
Security Patches: Ensure that all components, especially exposed ones like, are regularly updated to the latest versions to mitigate known vulnerabilities.

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27.03.2024 08:35
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This website features public files. This report is listed as invalid on our documentation:

Hello hdegorce,

I understand the information regarding invalid reports on your documentation. However, I believe that this matter deserves a closer examination. The files, although considered public, contain quite sensitive information. I would appreciate it if you could take a closer look at this issue.


It's a file created by us for the 2017 migration - There is nothing sensitive.


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