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Opened by freetb - 15.02.2024
Last edited by nferrari - 16.02.2024

FS#33 - Privilege Escalation in - Academic Feature


A vulnerability has been discovered in the student management system, which allows a normal user account to bypass access controls. ANY registered low-level user, with no knowledge or involvement in a class, can globally detach any student involved just by manipulating the UID. Even without tutorship/academic privileges and regardless of tutor access control.


A malicious attacker could fuzz predictable UID values and remove multiple students, abusing the privesc as a nuisance.


1) First, we logged in to an actual tutor account where I've added a few students. Next, I take note of the IDs of each student involved.

2) Then, I logged out and just to validate this exploit, I would create a NEW account.

3) This is the vulnerable endpoint:<USER_ID>

I replaced the <USER_ID> param with the various IDs I recorded from the tutor account.

4) Visit these URLs on the new account and observe the results.

5) Then, log out and re-login to the tutor account. Visit and confirm poc validity.


Implement proper access controls and role-based permissions to restrict normal users from utilizing global admin/tutor privileges. Conduct a thorough review of the authentication and authorization processes to ensure that no other similar vulnerabilities exist.

POC video:

Closed by  nferrari
16.02.2024 15:05
Reason for closing:  Fixed


Thank you for your report.

I just confirmed this behavior, which should not be possible. A fix has been deployed then.

Except the fact that the student was released from his class, no security issue was involved.

Please come back to us through Support section of the administration panel with this task as a reference.

Task is closed.


Alright. Thanks for the feedback


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